Underwater Marine Life Paintings by Donna Schaffer

Original Oil Painting of a Knobby Seastar (Enchinaster callosus)
by Donna S Schaffer

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Knobby Seastar (Enchinaster callosus)

Knobby Seastar (Enchinaster callosus)
Oil on Linen - 24" wide x 24" high
Original Oil Painting - For Sale

This “Knobby Seastar” was just one of the strange and wonderful critters in the Lembeh Straits of Indonesia when I went scuba diving there. Also called a Warty Sea Star, each leg of this large star fish is about 12-15 inches long. You never see it out in the open; it climbs all through the coral rocks seeking out morsels. I'm pleased to to share it's color palette with you.

Contact Donna for price and availability at 707-328-5281 or dsscha@hotmail.com

The original painting image is also available as a Giclee on Paper, Canvas or Metal - small to very large.

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