Underwater Marine Life Paintings by Donna Schaffer

Original Oil Paintings of Underwater Marine Life
Scenes from Northern California Dive Sites

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Green Anemones


Green Anemones in the Rocks of Monterey Bay
(Anthopleura xanthogrammica)
Triptych - Oil on Three Canvases - 49" wide x 21" high

This painting is based on a color slide from my first UW camera - a Nikonis 4. I took it years ago in Monterey Bay. In recent years I was worried that global warming was causing this species to disappear or something. But then I realized that their favorite place to live is on the rocks of tide pools and in deep channels on exposed rocky shores. I just don't scuba dive in those kind of spots very often. ;-)

The original painting image is also available as a Giclee on Paper, Canvas or Metal - small to very large.
Contact Donna for price and availability at 707-328-5281 or dsscha@hotmail.com


Click on the photo on the left to view a larger image of my original photo. My painting is based on this photo.

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