Underwater Marine Life Paintings by Donna Schaffer

Original Oil Painting of a Dancing With The Stars (Pisaster giganteus)
by Donna S Schaffer

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Dancing With The Stars (Pisaster giganteus)

Dancing With The Stars (Pisaster giganteus)
Oil on Linen - 24" wide x 24" high
Original Oil Painting - For Sale

These two members of the Pisaster seastar family are unusual in that they look so similar to each other. These reference photos were taken at a divespot that's close to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, off OceanView Blvd in Pacific Grove, California. I just love the "pose" they are in. It must be a rumba! Commonly called the Knobby Starfish or Giant-spined Seastar, they're in the same genus as the ochre seastar Pisaster ochraceus, you see those all along the California coast tidepools when it's a really low tide - both species love to eat mussels and other mollusks.

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The original painting image is also available as a Giclee on Paper, Canvas or Metal - small to very large.

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