Underwater Marine Life Paintings by Donna Schaffer

Cover of California Diving News, December, 2002 that featured
"Rainbow Starfish in Monterey Bay",
an original oil painting by Donna Schaffer

California Diving News, December, 2002 cover
Special Feature Story about Marine Artist Donna Schaffer Text of Story:
Special Feature --Marine Artists
Donna Schaffer

Artist Donna Schaffer gains her inspirations from her dives in chilly Northern California waters. Striking warms and subdues reds contrast against the rich blue-greens that typify this region of spectular California diving. Striving for realistic hues and tones in her work Donna states, "I am endeavoring to recreate the images, colors, and shadows of the undersea world as I've seen it."The resulting paintings are which divers can easily identify and be inspired by.

Donna has been a scuba diver since 1976, For 23 years, art has been a part of her life. Since 2001 she has been creating marine life paintings in the oil medium.

To see more of Donna Schaffer's paintings visit her website at http://www.underwaterpaintings.com.

Rainbow Starfish in Monterey Bay

Rainbow Starfish in Monterey Bay
Oil on Canvas - 20" wide x 20" high

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All rights reserved.
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