UnderwaterPaintings by D. Schaffer

Information on Giclee Prints
based on Donna S Schaffer's Original Oil Paintings

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Necklace Seastar Starfish
Necklace Seastar
Colombian Seastar
Colombian Seastar
Knobby Seastar
Knobby Seastar
Giant Purple Sea Star
Giant Purple Sea Star

Spiney Starfish
Hydrocoral in Monterey Bay
Hydro Coral in Monterey Bay
Sea Surge in the Kelp Forest
Sea Surge in the Kelp Forest
Green Anemones in the Rock of Monterey Bay
Green Anemones in the Rocks of Monterey Bay
Red Anemones
Red Anemones
Giclee Print of Rainbow Starfish
Rainbow Starfish

Looking Up at the Boat
Rock Fish
Blue Rock Fish
Encounter with a Humpback Whale Mother and Calf
Encounter with a Humpback Whale
Mother and Calf
Reflection of a Humpback Whale's Pectoral Fin
Reflection of a Humpback Whale's Pectoral Fin

Charlie's Zodiac


About Giclée Prints from Donna Schaffer

Giclée (gee-clay) is French for "sprayed dot". My giclée prints are produced in editions. I've signed and titled each print, in addition I've noted how many prints are in the edition, and what number your particular print is in the edition. When a limited edition is "sold out", the digital file is destroyed, and no more copies of that particular image can be made.

Giclée prints should not be confused with traditionally "hand-pulled" prints (lithographs, etchings, serigraphs, etc.) where the artist and/or master printmaker use labor-intensive methods to produce prints one at a time. While these older reproduction styles are still considered valuable by some art collectors, nowadays fine artists prefer the color accuracy and saturation of giclee printing.

Nor should giclees be confused with photomechanical reproductions (posters) which are mass-produced hundreds or thousands at a time on the high speed offset printing presses that typically print four color process magazines and advertisements. My giclée prints are produced using a wide-format printer (a Roland or Iris) using archival pigment-based inks, and printed on thick, archival Somerset watercolor paper or canvas, one sheet at a time.

Lightfastness tests have been conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. in Grinell, Iowa at the request of the International Association of Fine Art Digital Printmakers. Tests are ongoing, as demand is strong for long lasting, fadeproof inks that can be printed on a variety of papers, canvas and other materials. Current tests give these pigmented inks a lightfastness rating range between 75-150 years on on Arches cold press watercolor paper.

My prints are also treated with a UV filtering coating, but you can increase their life expectancy by hanging them in a place that will not receive direct sunlight (as is true for any work of art), and/or by using UV filtering glass or sheet plastic glazing when framing them. In other words, care for them just as you would for any fine artwork on paper.

My prints cost more than some of the prints you see at art festivals and galleries. Those inexpensive prints are created on deskjet printers that use ink dyes rather than pigments. Look out, they fade quickly!

All my giclee prints on paper or canvas are produced by Digital Grange, a firm that specializes in the highest quality fine art reproductions. You can learn more about them at DigitalGrange.com

Artist's Statement Click the "About the Artist" button for more information on this series of paintings. You can contact me, Donna Schaffer at 707-328-5281 or e-mail me at dsscha@hotmail.com.

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